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blueFLUX H2

blueFLUX H2 is a highly innovative new type of plant developed and manufactured by blueFLUX Energy AG. The plants convert organic residues from agriculture, municipalities and industry into sustainably produced green hydrogen, syngas, peat substitutes, synthetic coal, vegetable carbon, bio-methane & bio-methanol within a few hours and at absolutely competitive costs.

In terms of Blue Economy®, there are neither any CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions nor any kind of environmental pollution produced during these conversion processes.

Project details

Plant system: blueFlUX H2

Manufacturer: blueFLUX Energy AG

Year: 2020


Product innovation blueFLUX H2

This product is an innovative thrust for municipalities, agriculture and industry. Areas, which are still undersupplied with renewable energies, can be reached. This aspect beneficially contributes to the push of renewable energies.

Due to advanced technologies, blueFLUX H2 provides:

which works with such precision, that it can be used and adjusted by all consumer groups – from green waste, municipal owned sewage sludge or sewage systems to industrial sites

The plant design makes the separation of elements by pH-value already possible within the process of pre-carbonization. All of the remaining residual substances (e.g. phosphor, sulphur, nitrogen) in the liquid get isolated, separated and finally split off. The liquid is re-added to the process afterwards. The separated residues like heavy metals are bound concentrated in the slag and vitrified (1,5% of the input material).

blueFLUX does not need large amounts of water or, as compared to other technologies, energy. It does not cause any kind of pollution since it is an enclosed process. The only end products are slag, green CO2 and green hydrogen.

Due to the modular system, the plant can be set up everywhere as long as there is a local permission. The modular structure of the standardized container system solely needs a foundation.

The highly automatized plant works easily and securely everywhere. Remote maintenance via internet is standard.

The process is considerably cheaper than the electrolysis processes applied on the market.
Compared to the production costs of hydrogen which is produced by electrolysis, our blueFLUX system reduces the productions costs of hydrogen at 64% from 5,50€/kg to 2,00€/kg. This cost reduction establishes new markets and uses.

blueFLUX H2 - The concept

Basic materials

The advantage of blueFLUX technology lies in the high flexibility in regard to the basic materials given.
blueFLUX technology processes both wet and dry substances.


blueFLux H2 combines three innovative processes for the production of energy carriers which are produced from basic materials.

Energy carriers

In addition to the high flexibility in terms of input materials, blueFLUX technology also offers high flexibility in terms of output materials.

Further look
into carbonization

Hydrolysis – The process

We use the process of hydrolysis, which has been taking place in nature for millions of years, for the carbonization of basic materials.
Our blueFLUX technology however requires no more than two hours for the process.

Carbon and vapour from organic waste products are produced at the beginning of the process.

Both products are subsequently transformed into hydrogen through further processing steps.