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blueFLUX H2 – sustainably generated green hydrogen

Plant for the production of synthetic coal substitute for subsequent gasification to sustainably produced lean gas, synthesis gas or green hydrogen.
Designed e.g. for sewage sludge with approx. 30% dry matter content. The dry matter content can also be increased by agreement. Exact values are determined in the course of planning.
Design form:
Plant for the production of synthetic coal substitute, lean gas, synthesis gas or hydrogen from organic waste, tested fermentation products and/or sewage sludge.


The plant consists of

  • preparation tank, agitator, metering device for acids
  • steam generator for the production of the needed process steam (electric, alternative: biogas operated)
  • two process vessels with heating and agitator for the production of biochar at the quality level of lignite
  • vacuum device for the drying of carbon
  • filtration system for the filtration of extracted liquids
  • export mechanism for the export of carbon
  • preparation for the separation of e.g sulphur, phosphorous and nitrogen, filtration is optional
  • control and regulation device for the control of the carbonization process
  • sensor technology for the process variable (pressure, temperature, position of valve, pH-value, weight)
  • grinder for the grinding of carbon
  • conveyor for the carbon transport into the entrained flow gasifier
  • entrained flow gasifier for the turning of carbon into gas with heating, quantity measurement, measurement of pressure and temperature, export of synthesis gas and slag
  • gasification tank
  • control and regulation device for the process control of the gasification process
  • gas cleaning for the cleaning of the synthesis gas
  • gas measuring device for the determining of the substances which are produced within the process
  • CO-shift-plant for the reforming of the synthesis gas
  • separation device for the separation of CO2
    cleaning of hydrogen to 4.0 quality
  • heat exchanger for heat loss
  • pipework within the container
    control and regulation device for the plant with access to remote maintenance
  • container, if needed with induce ventilation and gas detection device
  • technical plant documentation, operating instructions, spare parts recommendation with delivery periods, maintenance schedule, CE- approval, TÜV-approval
  • H2 transfer station incl. H2 tank (pressure tank 40bar)
    incl. compressor for the compression to 40bar


Organic raw material with 30 % dry matter [t/a]
Electrical energy [GWh/a]
Hydrogen* [GWh/a]
Residual process heat* [GWh/a]


Organic raw material with 30 % dry matter [t/a]
Electrical energy [GWh/a]
Hydrogen* [GWh/a]
Residual process heat* [GWh/a]


Organic raw material with 30 % dry matter [t/a]
Electrical energy [GWh/a]
Synthesis gas* [GWh/a]
Residual process heat* [GWh/a]

*Output depending on the plant configuration