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blueFLUX KDC - carbonization

Plant for the production of synthetic coal substitute for subsequent gasification, e.g. in a wood gasifier or for other uses (e.g. pulverised coal firing, pelletisation for heat generation in pellet boilers).

 Design e.g. for organic residue with approx. 30% dry matter content

Design form:


Plant in a closed container for the production of coal from organic waste, tested fermentation products or from sewage sludge in a closed container or as an indoor variant.

The plant consists of:

  • preparation tank with agitator
  • steam generator for the production of the required process steam (electric, alternative: biogas operated)
  •  two process vessels with heating and agitator for the production of biochar
  • vacuum device for the drying of carbon
  • export mechanism for the export of carbon
  • control and regulation device for the control of the carbonization process with remote maintenance excess
  • sensor technology for the process variables (pressure, temperature, position of valve, weight)
  • heat exchanger for waste heat
  • pipe system within the container
  • conveyor system for the transportation of carbon from the inside of the container to the exterior transfer point; directly connected to the container (exact definition is still needed)
  •  technical plant documentation, operating instructions, spare parts recommendation with delivery periods, maintenance schedule, CE- approval, TÜV-approval
  • support with legal inspection (safety inspection and planning application)
  • electrical connection, from installation type bF6000 also gas-powered possible


Organic raw material with 30 % dry matter [t/a]
Electrical energy [GWh/a]
HTC coal* [t/a]
Residual process heat* [GWh/a]


Organic raw material with 30 % dry matter [t/a]
Electrical energy [GWh/a]
HTC coal* [t/a]
Residual process heat* [GWh/a]

*Output depending on the plant configuration