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Green hydrogen
made from
organic waste materials

economical - sustainable - CO2 neutral


 Processes and facilities
for the extraction of green hydrogen, methane, coal, fertilizer and methanol 

at competitive costs


 Modular plants
for the production of green hydrogen made from organic waste 

at market-based prices and carbon neutral


Service, maintenance, operator model

Cost-efficient energetic utilization of sewage sludge, manure, dung, biological waste with plastic residues, CFRP and organic waste

without predrying

blueFLUX_gruene Energie

blueFLUX Energy AG is a German high-tech corporation. Within a few hours, our plants convert biodegradable waste from agriculture, municipalities and industry efficiently and at competitive costs into the high quality energy sources biochar, green hydrogen, biomethanol and biomethane.

In terms of Blue Economy®, neither CO2 nor other greenhouse gases are generated within the process.

The partners Holzner Druckbehälter GmbH and PROEMTEC Behnke Präzesionstechnik GmbH developed the blueFLUX process from 2013 to 2020. They founded the blueFLUX Energy AG in order to create a proper platform for this trailblazing technology.

Our technology is unique. At the moment, it is the most efficient global solution for producing green hydrogen.

Whether sewage sludge, liquid manure, CFRP or food waste with plastic packaging residues: Our patented plant technology converts any kind of organic waste material with a proportion of plastic of up to 30% into green hydrogen, biomethane, biomethanol and biochar.
We focus on the processing of organic waste material into green hydrogen and biomethane.

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blueFLUX Energy AG

blueFLUX - Fields of application

Our client base consists of most diverse branches. Our solutions provide added value wherever organic waste of animals, humans and food occur and need to be disposed.

Whether agriculture, municipalities, tourism or industry, disposers, food- or pharmaceutical companies, rail transport, private transport or shipping:

blueFLUX Energy is your key to new business models.

We make organic waste flows completely useable and convert them into valuable energy.

Cost-efficient and decentralized.

blueFLUX H2 - The Revolution

We transform organic waste materials into green energy of high quality.

The rapidly increasing global demand for green hydrogen on the one hand and the high amount of organic waste materials on the other hand, make the blueFLUX revolution possible.

We have a solution to both issues!
Our solution is different from our competitors’ solutions, which make use of pyrolysis technologies.
We have chosen to take a new path:


blueFLUX H2

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