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blueFLUX Energy

Our vision

We transform waste treatment and mobility of near future.

With our blueFLUX plant we pave the way for Europe’s 21st century energy revolution.

Our highly innovative solution exceeds the recycling of bio waste and sewage sludge and generates decentrally and efficiently green hydrogen at the price of comparable fossil quality.

Our aim

blueFLUX raises the profitability and ecological compatibility of agricultural systems.

blueFLUX assists our municipalities, cities and regions with the efficient production of green fuel made from sewage sludge, bio waste and other organic waste materials.

blueFLUX provides thanks to its modular design and a variety of possible input and output materials solutions for many different sectors. Thereby, a decentralized and economic production of green energy made from waste materials is possible all over the world.

The unique modular construction system of blueFLUX raises recycling economy to the next level. Customized and connected to local conditions, ecological mobility becomes reality.