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blueFLUX H2 for tourism

Every day, large amounts of organic waste, especially food leftovers, paperboards, plastic and sewage from sanitary installations as well as green waste and tree cuttings, occur in tourism centres like large hotel complexes, resorts and campsites.

All over the world those raw materials are currently burned to the greatest extent.

In order to improve the energy value, plastic waste is often added, which additionally raises environmental pollution.

We need global and obligatory disposal standards based on innovative and economic solutions for the protection of the environment.



With our blueFLUX technology, we offer tourism centres all over the world the possibility to deal with the increasing problem of biogenic waste. Additionally, we can offer CO2-free mobility with self-produced hydrogen as a new business model.

→ every occurring biogenic waste materials can be utilized ecologically friendly and transformed into a new form of energy.

→ so far largely unexploited biological waste materials are efficiently used for decentralized energy supply in the form of thermal discharge.

→ hydrogen, biomethane and biomethanol as products can be provided for CO2-free tourism, especially in conservation areas.

→ the revenue situation by tourism increases significantly and the generated money remains in the region.

blueFLUX makes tourism even greener.

The manufactured size of the blueFLUX plants is minor compared to conventional plants. Our plants blend in hotel/resort areas or campsite without attracting attention as they are compactly and modularly designed.

Since there are barely emissions, the plant can be set up close to the hotel.

As up to 30% of plastic is processed within the process, blueFLUX technology sustainably resolves urgent key issues like micro plastics and environmental pollution.

There is also sustainably produced green fuel available for the eco-friendly hotel fleet.

The blueFLUX technology is your key to new, sustainable business models in close communion with nature.

Expansions for the blueFLUX plant

Our service

We as partner for tourism offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.