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blueFLUX H2
for agriculture

Not only in Germany are farmers confronted with political and economic framework conditions with increasing restrictions.

Reasons for that are:

→ stricter European liquid manure regulation

→ falling prices of agricultural products e.g. milk, meat, vegetables and much more

→ the shortly expiring German Renewable Energy Act funding for biogas plants. Profits of producers of biogas are already falling

→ excess power of photovoltaic systems can no longer be used profitably

→ soils are leached because of long-standing and extensive cultivation

The current situation requires innovative solutions and new business models.



With our buleFLUX technology, we supply a new possibility for farmers to rethink farming in order to connect ecology and economy in a sustainable recycling management.

The link between species-appropriate farming and innovative production of energy opens new sales markets.

→ liquid manure becomes green hydrogen and biochar. The by-products nitrogen and phosphor can be applied as concentrated, high-grade fertilizer.

→ since the farmer can produce green hydrogen from liquid manure, his agricultural products like milk, meat and vegetables can be counter-financed. The waste heat of the plant can be utilised in various blueFLUX modules and therefore provides new sales markets, too.

→ blueFLUX replaces biogas technologies and works economically without German Renewable Energy Act funding. Excess energy of photovoltaic plants can be fully exploited.

→ produced biochar is applied to agricultural land and supports the building-up of humus and therefore leads to a massive soil improvement. After a while, soil manuring can be reduced significantly.

Agricultural operations become forward-looking and competitive with the help of blueFLUX.

With our assistance, you can redefine farming as recycling economy. Economically successful and ecological valuable.

Climate killer CO2 is broken down into its components and converted.

It is returned to nature in form of biochar and fuel (green hydrogen, biomethane, biomethanol). Furthermore, heat is made available for the surroundings.

That is how new business areas can be established with blueFLUX Energy AG.

Expansions for blueFLUX plants:

Our service

We as partner for farmers offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.