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blueFLUX H2 for disposal companies

It is already obvious, that the disposal of biogenic waste materials is getting increasingly difficult within the next years. Legal requirements more and more limit the possibilities for the spreading of biogenic waste materials.

Nevertheless, those waste materials have to be safely disposed for humans and nature. According to a current report of the World Bank, the amount of biogenic waste will raise by 70%, from 884 millions of tons to 1.496 millions of tons each year, by the year 2050.

This situation can be only handled properly by innovative approaches and new business models.



blueFLUX plants transform biogenic waste materials without pre-separation or pre-drying directly into green hydrogen.

Only 1.5% of the original weight of the in the plant inserted waste finally remains in the slag.

blueFLUX makes disposal companies to producer of green energy carriers.

→ disposal of biogenic waste materials

→ sterilisation of waste materials in the plant according to statutory provisions

→ compliance with guidelines of the Federal Immission Control Act because of the high temperatures of more than 850°C for at least two seconds in the blueFLUX plant

→ extraction of green hydrogen

That is how you can establish new business areas with the blueFLUX Energy AG.

Expansions for blueFLUX plant

Our service

We as partner for disposal companies offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.