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blueFLUX H2
for food industry

New legal requirements in Europe no longer allow a random utilisation of biogenic residues from food production. Non-recyclable materials have to be expensively disposed in the future.

→ so far, there has not been a satisfactory technical solution for the disposal of biogenic substances, which are difficult to dispose like citrus fruits or coconut shells.

→ overproductions, foul or defective products result in enormous disposal costs since cardboard, plastic and foods are mixed and only can be separated in a complex process.

→ the accrual of organic waste materials of private households steadily increases.

The current high environmental pollution because of food waste requires innovative solutions and new business models. 


The blueFLUX technology provides new possibilities not only to dispose organic residues by oneself directly on-site but also to transform them as well into high-grade energy carriers biochar, green hydrogen, biomethane or biomethanol in order to make them useable.

→ biogenic substances which are difficult to dispose like citrus fruits, coconut shells and comparable waste are processed effortlessly in our plants

→ blueFLUX takes overproduction, foul or defective products apart into their components hydrogen and carbon. A plastic proportion of 30% does not represent a problem at that.

→ organic waste materials of private households form a huge market potential for green energy like hydrogen because of their energy content.

With the assistance of blueFLUX food processing companies become producers of green energy.

blueFLUX generates new, high-grade energy from products which previously had to be disposed. Whether for owner occupation or for sales: You generate economic and ecological additional benefit for your company and open new business areas.

Your company fleet drives organic in the future: With regionally and sustainably produced green fuel. 

Expansions for blueFLUX plants

Our service

We as partner for food industry offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.