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blueFLUX H2 for municipalities

Municipalities have to dispose constantly rising quantities of sewage sludge and other biogenic waste materials at increasing costs.

In many places, mono-combustion is currently pursued. On the one hand, this requires a complex, cost- and energy-intensive drying of biogenic/organic waste materials. On the other hand, it is already becoming apparent that environmental authorities are going to prohibit mono-combustion in the medium term.

The current situation requires innovative solutions and new disposal models.

blueFLUX plants transform sewage sludge and other biogenic waste materials with a plastic proportion of up to 30% directly into green hydrogen without further separation or pre-drying. Micro plastic which is contained in the sewage sludge is disposed, too.


Only 1,5% of the original weight of the in the plant inserted waste finally remains in the slag.

Municipalities reduce their costs and become produces of green energy carriers with the help of blueFLUX.

disposal of biogenic waste

homogenisation and sterilisation of waste materials in the plant according to statutory provisions

compliance with guidelines of the Federal Immission Control Act because of the high temperatures of more than 850°C for at least two seconds in the blueFLUX plant

extraction of green hydrogen

 That is how innovative disposal concepts can be implemented with the blueFLUX Energy AG.

Expansions for the blueFLUX plant

Our service

We as partner for municipalities offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.