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blueFLUX H2
for the pharmaceutical industry

Hydrogen is used directly or indirectly as natural resource within pharmaceutical-chemical industry. Today, only grey hydrogen from fossil energy carriers, which is not sustainable, is used for the greater part.

Additionally, the transport of hydrogen over long distances is unprofitable and cost-intensive. Contaminated sewage sludge with up to 30 % of plastic content from production processes has to be disposed expensively and in a complex way. The energetic potential is not exploited.

The current situation requires innovative solutions and new supply models.

Why not producing the required hydrogen on-site and in addition sustainably?

Our blueFLUX H2 plant produces biochar, green hydrogen, bio-methane and bio-methanol from biological waste materials.

The utilization of hydrogen has to emerge where reduction of emissions occur and where they are most praiseworthy from an economic point of view. This means close to consumers. Pharmaceutical-chemical industry unites the supply of organic waste materials and sewage sludge as well as the requirement of sustainable obtained hydrogen.

A perfect opportunity for further sustainability in production.

The pharmaceutic-chemical industry is a large essential user of H2. Simultaneously, this industry is able to optimise the costs and to improve the complex disposal of organic waste materials through the usage of blueFLUX H2 in order to become a self-producer of green hydrogen for the own demand.

These new raw materials/energy carriers can be directly consumed by the pharmaceutic-chemical industry for the own demand.

Our customers become self-provider for green energy carriers or they can sell redundant green energy through the usage of the blueFLUX technology.

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