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blueFLUX H2
for rail transport

There are various contact wires lacking on rail lines. That is the reason why no electric locomotives but diesel locomotives, which cause high greenhouse gas emissions, run on these routes.

Rail lines are not being accessed, because contact wire construction makes it economically unattractive.

The transport sector has to become CO2-free by 2050.



Fuel cell drive is a quickly realizable alternative for the electrification of lines in rail services.

Train builders already consign trains with fuel cell drive into various countries.

blueFLUX H2 provides locally producible and cost-efficient green hydrogen for emission-free rail traffic.

The demand of green hydrogen for rail traffic is a substantial sales market for sustainable produced carriers of energy.

Together we have to succeed in matching supply and demand and in connecting blueFLUX customers with major buyers like rail transport.

Green hydrogen has the potential to provide a major contribution to reach the climate coals within rail traffic since there is no formation or release of CO2 during both its production and consumption.

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Expansions for blueFLUX plants

Our service

We as partner for rail transport offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.