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blueFLUX H2
for shipping

The majority of ships go by diesel- or even heavy oil drive, whose CO2-emissions severely harm our environment.

Restricted accesses to harbours for ships without alternative drive systems limit the flexibility of shipping companies or cause high dock charges.

Well-known shipyards, shipping companies and research institutes have realized this problem and are intensively occupied with alternative drives and energy carriers. Hydrogen-based fuel cell drives have a significant potential to make shipping “green”.

Not only new environmental regulations force the shipping sector to change, there is also an increasing call for environmental and climate-friendly shipping.



Cruise ships are ideal operating places for our blueFLUX technology. With several thousand people on a ship, there inevitably emerge large amounts of organic waste and sewage. Both are resources which were so far barely used for the energy supply on board or for the drivetrain of the ship, although there is high potential given.

Fuel cell drives in combination with hydrogen self-production on board can severely diminish shipping emissions. Not only cruise ships, but also containerships evolve through the usage of hydrogen propulsion from climate killers to climate role models.

blueFLUX technology transforms organic waste materials into green hydrogen, which can be directly used aboard.

  • disposal of organic waste with a plastic proportion of up to 30%
  • production of green hydrogen
  • weight and space reduction, since the waste is not collected but utilized and directly transformed into energy carriers
  • expension of reach
  • higher flexibility for shipping companies and cheaper dock charges

blueFLUX makes shipping sustainable and free from emissions.

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Expansions for the blueFLUX plant

Our service

We as partner for shipping offer a location-based analysis, information, support during the realization, implementation and operation as well as customized, individual technical modular units.